Quivers are available in either 4 or 5 arrow capacity.


The Bell's Custom Bow Quiver $125 with your choice of wood laminates:

 Snakeskins available at market price. 


Bell's Custom Bow Quiver

Creek Walker Trading

Bell's Custom Bow Quiver is the only custom bow quiver available today. If you decide to get the Bell's Custom Bow Quiver you choose the wood combinations for the three laminates.  Quivers come standard with a hand stiched brown leather hood. The rubber strap attachment system holds the quiver and arrows very securely. They're  hand made from the same wood laminations that are used for laminated bows.  These quivers have been field tested on bows ranging from large takedown handles to bendy handled selfbows.  I hand make all the parts from raw materials, so slight variations are common. But all components are interchangeable.